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Five supernatural moments in different scenarios.

Original Title: Momento English Title: Moment Year: 2014 Language: Spanish Subtitles: English Subtitles Country of Origin: Argentina Genre: Thriller/Fantasy/Drama Production Company: Hemisferio Films Copyright: © Hemisferio Films 2020



Directed, Produced & Edited by: Felipe Martinez Carbonell | Written by: Felipe Martinez Carbonell & Maxi Huerta | Director of Photography: Valentin Genaro, Alcides Taleb & Cristian Tapia Marchiori | Sound Mixer: Juan Andres Mollo | Sound Designer/Music: Matias Doglioli

Cast: Cecilia Patalano, Luis Maria Fittipaldi, Camila L. Pfeffer, Agustina Pasini, Mirko Buchin, Juan Nemirovsky, Christian Valci, Julio Chianetta, Gloria Piñero




– Latin American Film Festival of Video and Audio Visual Arts of Rosario 2014: Best Short Film

Ufology and Paranormal Phenomena International Film Festival 2021


Momento (translated as Moment in English) is a short film involving different supernatural moments in different scenarios. The short film portrays the idea that reality is not always what we as humans perceive it to be. Sometimes, these strange realities or fantasies find a way into our lives, even if only for a moment.

They challenge our everyday beliefs and perceptions of the known and unknown world around us. Within this collection, five moments are depicted.

Since this project was a series of stories, the idea was to have more than one director of photography in order for each to deeply focus on one or two moments. That way, we could achieve a distinct look for each story. Within the color scheme, we attempted to create a different atmosphere using either green, blue, or red for the different stories.

Each location was extremely unique, at historical and restricted locations around Rosario. The choice of these locations was not random. I considered their architecture and setting, and thought how this aesthetic would work with what I had in mind for my story. We wanted to take advantage of these locations and harness their aged beauty.

Through Momento I want to show reality, which I believe is far more complex than we think. Perhaps, what we need to know to finish understanding reality is as brief but as important as a moment. That was part of the inspiration behind creating these moments. In other words, I hope to show what is not seen.

What also drove me to create Momento was the relationship that the supernatural can have with reality. Although I am telling a fantasy story, involving spiritual entities, I am shedding light on the unknown in all of our lives. This is showing the other side. Sometimes the other side is dark and scary, since it is a mystery to us. I believe this allows these supernatural stories to apply to our everyday lives.